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            Now-a-days, the highway-rail crossings or on rail road property awareness are emerging in the public mindset in the form of rail safety. The damages to the property or the injuries to the human life due to the lack of rail safety are considered by rail transport management organizations, in high priority. The focus on manmade systems’ safety with respect to the human life and the reliable performance of the system towards effective and non-destructive utilizations on behalf of social welfare is being major key concept in any industries, factories, organizations. The concept of safety is considered and practiced in high measures in all necessary areas of life critical applications’, executions and operations.

            The accidents and damages to the rail properties due to the improper utilizations of operators are often preventable. Welcome to the ALL INDIA RAIL SAFETY COUNCIL (AIRSC), a non-governmental organization providing training programs in the name of university degrees such as, M.B.A. in Safety Management, M.B.A. in Disaster Management, B.Tech. in Safety Engineering, Diploma in Safety Management, and PG Diploma in Safety Management, along with whort term certificate safety management courses to the young learners in the form of career education in the states across the India, to enrich the safety professionals community, to prevent collisions, injuries and fatalities on and around rail road tracks and highway-rail grade crossings.


            The AIRSC is a rail safety education and general safety awareness organization dedicated to educate general safety concepts among common public, school learners, college learners, industrial cum factories workers, railway workers, chemical/construction workers, road transportation workers with occupational safety, health safety, rail safety, road safety, construction safety, electrical safety, water safety, food safety, and fire safety, safety laws and first aid as important focusing concepts.


            To become a recognized leader in providing the public, with all age group, with rail safety education, and stopping the unconditional accidents and damages to the rail road properties. To be the pioneer in the safety education field with, “We are creating an employee; not a student” – the statement.


            Since the last decade, the AIRSC have been functioning with its basic principle as rail safety education. The educational units of AIRSC are uniquely named as AIRSC Academy of Safety and Disaster Management and diversed with the locality address. These units are functioning across all states of India. Every year, creations of the safety professionals, from these academies are increasing exponentially. From the school level education starts from 10th standard, 12th Standard and under graduation completed candidates are eligible for choosing their safety professional course at our academy. Any field of studies, (Engineering Stream / Arts Stream) of UG degree is eligible for the Master Degree courses and PG Diploma courses.  10th Standard or ITI (ICVT) course is eligible for doing Diploma course. The 12th with maths, physics, chemistry, biology/computer science subjects (i.e. first group) studied candidates are eligible for B.Tech. in Safety Engineering. The faculties for the course conduction at this academy are potentially trained and experts from their respective field of studies such as fire technology, fire loss control, occupational health, industrial pollution control, safety in construction industry, safety management and laws, rail and road transport management, and first aid training. The training and practical sessions are handled by authorized speakers and trained instructors of AIRSC and with this complete setup, AIRSC offers rail safety education programs across India.

            Apart from the academy academic activities, we speak to school groups, driver school classes, community audiences, professional drivers, law and enforcement officers and emergency responders to spread and provide the awareness of safety. The slogan, “Safety is a team work and not an Individual Performance”, is a prime key of AIRSC and continuously, we are focusing on social groups, volunteers’ to enrich the Indian society on safety awareness concepts. With various railway organizations support, as gathered mode, we all together promote the safety education, enforcement, and engineering, to keep people safe around their general day-to-day operations and around tracks and railway crossings.

            The conventional train systems, metro trains, monorail and train 18 offer among the most efficient transportation available to move us into the 21st century. The Indian railways transportation projections calling for substantial increases in rail transport over the next two decades provide that we along with rail safety partners in the rail industry and at the central, state and local governing government bodies’ level must work all together to meet the safety challenges that accompany a rail Renaissance.

            As advanced technology helps build quieter, faster trains, our responsibility to teach people, how to be safe around them also increases. At AIRSC, we are committed to raising awareness and improving public safety on and around highway-rail grade crossings and tracks through public awareness and education, we are committed to saving lives.

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