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CIE plans to strategize for holistic integration of education sector which is the most important social need to the well-being of a society and to built around the four areas of Quality Education:
• Value Addition Information, 
• Global Outreach, 
• Commitment to the Society 
• Competitiveness of training to develop talented manpower as per the corporate need. 

The common factor in all its activities is partnership across a cross-section of organizations, including government, non-governmental organizations and international bodies. Working with and learning from diverse institutions, CIE has an aim to strengthen the services it provides to its members as well as society at large.

CIE aims to works towards providing our membership clearer strategies based on deeper insights and analytical perceptions of emerging realities from all corners of education. At the forefront in helping Indian Institutions to grow with the quality education and interact with global Institutions, CIE has activated a multi-pronged strategy for global networking. Meeting heads, decision makers of academic institutions, networking with counterpart organizations, multilateral and other policy making bodies, CIE’s alternate diplomacy ensures continued access to emerging opportunities for its membership.

To bring together Associations and Federations of Private Education from all over the world, in order to promote the exercise and implementation of the right to education respecting pluralism and the right of parents to choose the type of education their children will receive (as these rights and interests stem from and are protected by the Judicial System and educational traditions of each country and also by international organizations devoted to these issues and to promote the Interests of independent education), whatever the religious, philosophical or social principles may be, so long as they conform to those principles stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 
To foster the growth and improvement of education in all countries, considering not only how many people it reaches but also institutional excellence and the effectiveness of service. 
To uphold and defend the Human Right to education and cultural expression, with freedom to choose the Institution and educational system which best responds to individual convictions. 
 To support and preserve the creation and existence of private educational entities, by performing those actions which may best lead to the defense of the rights of such entities, and by fostering the establishment of national legislation aimed to insuring the Integration of institutions of private education in every country. 


Rail e-Security Solutions

JS University, Shikohabad is the 'dream come true' of Shri Jagdish Singh Ji, through Sri Jagdish Jan Kalyan Educational Trust which is working seriously in the field of quality education for rural area students since long back. Dynamic educationist Dr. Sukesh Kumar working vigorously in expanding the Colleges of this Trust in terms of a well planned University. The State Government under the leadership of Shri Akhilesh Yadav, the Honorable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh took cognizance and introduced a Bill to the status of a University in March 2015 and christened it as J.S. University, Shikohabad, Firozabad. Hon'ble Chief Minister proposed, “With a view to encourage infusion of philanthropic capital in private sector to participate in the field of higher education and encourage competition to attract high quality faculty and students and continuously enhance quality it has been decided to establish and incorporate a teaching University by the name of J.S. University, Shikohabad, Firozabad by Shri Jagdish Jan Kalyan Educational Trust, Shikohabad, Firozabad..” We are working hard for this noble purpose. Our motto is (Progress through proper application of knowledge.)

To be one of the leading international education providers and a research-led university of its own kind. Creating and disseminating knowledge, and providing students a unique learning experience in Science, Technology, Management and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the world and betterment of mankind.

Our ability to enhance the well-being of the people by Educating and Serving the Society by putting the knowledge to work with excellence. To advance the professional competence of youth and inculcate in them the urge to recognize challenges as opportunities.

Collaborative Industry based (CIB) Regular Education Programs

This is to certify that in order to expand the accessibility equality, inclusion and qualitative improvement in the higher education, through intellectual teaching for utilizing India’s human resource potential to its fullest and to promote the cause of education with integration of industrial training / internship/ research work to create excellent employment opportunities for the students, J S University, Shikohabad, Uttar Pradesh established by the institute of Jagdish Singh under Act number 9 of 2004 by the Uttar Pradesh State Government has resolved to conduct Collaborative Industry based (CIB) Regular Education Programs with Industry & Education Resource support from All India Rail Safety Council (AIRSC) 2nd floor , 1/22 Asaf Ali Road New Delhi – 110002,Admission of    J S University .All India Rail Safety Council (AIRSC) is authorized for helping in finalizing Collaborative Industry Based Internship Points (CIIPs) and Internship / Training/ Research Work for the students enrolling in the CIB Education programs of J S University.

All India Rail Safety Council will be the exclusive Industry & Education Resource Provider (IERP) in India for running J S University’s Collaborative Industry Based (CIB) Regular Education Programs.

This certificate shall be effective from Academic batch 2018-19 to Academic batch 2020-21 period of three years predicated on the compliance with the norms of J S University by them.



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