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Rail India Today Danger to the safety and security of the human world lies in the unchecked activities of the abortionists going by their desires or imaginations but not by their reasonable thoughts, knowledge, best interests, good nature and so on. There are persons with ambition for materialistic developments only.

There are people having ambition for intellectual development. Also our ambition integrated development or all round development can make us complete safety in rail users, which is the aim and desirable and necessary for the well being of the world.

Now economic development is the main aim for all nations of the world. Economic development without social thought has given much importance only to materialism in the world today. It is wrongly believed that the security of man lies in wealth and physical strength only leaving aside the intellectual and spiritual aspects of human life in the world. So, nations with such men rely upon economic and military strength only which have triggered so much suspicion, competition and hatred leading to domination, violence and wars often that peace, security and development of other nations are ever threatened in the world.

That is the main crisis; peace loving nations are finding it hard to overcome in the world not only in the past but also in the present and perhaps in the future as well. This sorry state of affairs of the world is caused by the rivalry between the capitalist and socialist abortionists only. So, not only for the individuals but also for the nations healthy human ambition is absolutely necessary so that real peace, prosperity and progress can be achieved for everyone in the world.

The ambition of the peace loving intellectuals from time immemorial is the creation of One Human world of love, friendship, justice, individual liberty and rights without minding the differences of color, creed, class, race, religion and language. This kind of one human world though look to be an ideal society, can be formed by unity in diversity governed by the principles of democracy having common laws for the whole world, one language for communication purpose and a common security force for the protection of the people.

We are highly delighted and wholeheartedly welcome Dr.Prashanna kumar patasani, member of parliament (LOK SABHA) as patron member. We are sure that under his dynamic leadership, the activities of the council would be taken up with renewed vigor and further grow for the benefit of masses.


Happy New Year 2014

From Chiarman,
All India Rail Safety Council

2014 has arrived in all its glory. Let me convey my choicest wiches ...

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Public Notice

16th December, 2012

Important Notice About Agencies / Authorised Individuals

It has been observed that certain agencies/individuals have been making Franchisee offers...

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