International Media Foundation

To fulfill the needs of the Journalists around the world to share their thoughts and ideas for the betterment of the world of journalism and mass communication, the IMF has been founded.

After approaching and doing the virtual tour of the media and meeting held with the board of the trustees concluded that there should a paradigm to work as a bridge between national as well as international media group for mutual cooperation and benefit.

No doubt there are many media organisations in the world in general and India in particular but even then very few media persons, reporter or correspondent who have studied or worked abroad and can collect the media material within no time so the IMF will take this opportunity to get these information on its platform for each and every media organisations.

After getting the consent by the concerned persons and like minded persons and agencies the Board has passed the resolution for making an International Foundation in this regard. Being an expert in the filed of journalism and mass communication this foundation has been established.

Many foreign journalists also felt that there is a lack of the news agencies and a global paradigm where news and article can been shared and taken easily for their countries for the breaking type of news and events.

After the establishment of the IMF we hope that the true and fast information can be sent and exchanged with media organisations and so that all the government and non government organisations, public as well as private sector organisations, foreign missions, diplomats, bureaucrats, politicians, educationists, in general and media organisations in particular will be benefited.

Purpose of the IMF

To promote the medium and the advantages of media among Indian journalists and media professionals in and outside the region by creating a global platform for every one with no boundaries to some extent for the betterment of the field / area of journalism and mass communication.

Inside the IMF

IMF members are experienced, very familiar with the Indian region and culture, and are of mixed nature. They are excellent news collector and reporter for each and every field. The Founder Director is a very renowned journalist and editor of a renowned newspaper. The IMF will be having many more excellent media persons in future by joining hands with like minded people from all over the world. IMF is run by a Committee, the members of whom are elected from among the Regular Membership each year.

Services of IMF

IMF offers and will be offering to all members and guests an opportunity to network and exchange information through either medium, Internet or Postal. IMF will be updating their members and guests with its new events, career opportunities, entertainment, sports, and IT. IMF will also be informing all those members who are directly involved in creating or dissolving the committee and at the same time it will help others to know the new changes that has taken place in the IMF.

A part from it IMF will also be doing survey in the field of education for the benefit of the students and the teachers and the educationists and giving the data or information about the career in the field of journalism and mass communication. IMF will also publish its journal time to time for general purpose.


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From Chiarman,
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Public Notice

16th December, 2012

Important Notice About Agencies / Authorised Individuals

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