Feasibility Reports Generation

This is formal document for management use, briefly enough and sufficiently non technical to be understandable by high level management. There is no standard or formal format for the preparation of feasibility report. Analyst usually decide on a format that suits particular user and system.

The primary objectives of this report is to inform about the following matters.

  • What the proposed system will achieve.
  • Who will be involved in operating the proposed system in the organization.
  • The benefits that system will give.
  • The organizational changes needs for its successful implementation.
  • The estimated cost of the system.

All these are given in technical and simple language and the beginning of the report as an executive summary. It is followed by the detail feasibility report which contains the following items.

An introduction with in outline of the proposal

  • A broad data flow diagram of the existing system.
  • A modified data flow diagram.
  • All possible alternatives solution.
  • Merits and demerits of each solution.
  • Any new equipment to be install or any new resources required for proposed system.
  • Expected benefits of the proposed system.
  • Cost of the system.
  • New procedures to be implemented and environment of the persons in operating new system.
  • Any anticipation problem in implementation.


Happy New Year 2014

From Chiarman,
All India Rail Safety Council

2014 has arrived in all its glory. Let me convey my choicest wiches ...

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Public Notice

16th December, 2012

Important Notice About Agencies / Authorised Individuals

It has been observed that certain agencies/individuals have been making Franchisee offers...

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