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Rail Safety is a field to which all aspects of scientific & Technical knowledge pertaining to the safety are linked. It involves study of subjects that deals with the designing and installation of Fire protection systems, in depth understanding of the science of fire, its hazards and control measures; various associated engineering subjects; Industrial safety & management and other psychological grooming required to make a self-reliant safety personal.


A rough assessment of the India Railways and other Industrial & Government demand puts the requirement at over 1,00,000 safety personnel every year. The stage is similar to the advent of the computer revolution 7 years back. Safety Engineering is a field to which all aspects of Science & Technical knowledge pertaining to safety is linked. It involves study of subjects that deals with the designing of safer fire resistant equipments and plants; in depth understanding of the science of Safety; its hazards and control measures in various associated engineering subjects; Managerial functions which aid in managing a fire fighting along with other psychological grooming required to make a self reliant Safety Engineer/Safety Officer.


For today’s college going generation, Safety Engineering presents an opportunity where there is very demand from industries both in India & Gulf where job options are tremendous. Job security absolute, chance to word abroad in the asking and salaries the envy of other industrial sector. What’s more, to cater to the fast growing demand from various quarters there are only limited teaching centers to deliver professionally competent personnel. Out of the reputed institutes, AIRSC TRAINING & RESERCH INSTITUTE has taken the enterprising step to reach over the youth of the country offering them a career opportunity which if grasped has the potential to change their life for the better within a year of enrollment.


• To develop high academic standards and quality of education for its programs so as to extend limitations beyond traditional classroom situations.
• To create through effective education, training and research, a renewable talent bank in varied disciplines. • To assist in development of new methods and process of fire engineering services, skills and analytical techniques.
• To develop managerial/leadership abilities and analytical skills, training, communication with the community and interaction with government and statutory authorities.
• To promote placements in various industries / organisations.

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Happy New Year 2014

From Chiarman,
All India Rail Safety Council

2014 has arrived in all its glory. Let me convey my choicest wiches ...

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Public Notice

16th December, 2012

Important Notice About Agencies / Authorised Individuals

It has been observed that certain agencies/individuals have been making Franchisee offers...

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